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Adminstration Services

When it comes to buying real estate Pattaya Properties Co., Ltd

has given new meaning to the expression

"One Stop Service".

There are many real estate agents in Pattaya and all have contacts with associated services, but ours are all under the one roof.

With more than a decade of experience we were the first to recognize all the needs and expectations of our customers and potential customers. All the essential services that are necessary in purchasing real estate are now located in the one complex. Situated in a highly prominent position in thriving Jomtien Beach our five level office building is one of the most impressive of its type in Pattaya.

Sales & Marketing Department
Our sales office is manned seven days a week. Our staff speaks English, German, Russian and Thai. They are thorough award winning professionals with a wealth of experience and a reputation for impeccable customer service.

Our products sell themselves. If you need time to digest and be thoroughly confident before you make that final decision our sales staff will provide you with elaborate brochures, comprehensive marketing material, custom designed plans, photographs and sample contracts.

We are proud of our reputation for honesty, integrity, and ethics in all our business dealings. We have thousands of customers prepared to provide unsolicited testimonials. If you would like to speak privately with these people, simply ask. The best form of advertising and endorsement are word of mouth.

Legal Services
Jomtien Properties & Law Adviser Co., Ltd is an affiliate of our parent company and located in our main office complex. Our highly qualified and experienced legal staff speak Thai and English and are willing to answer questions and give advice on a wide range of topics including sales contracts, visas, taxes, plus government and city hall requirements and regulations. Our lawyers will take time to thoroughly explain every issue. Simply put, we will take the worry, fuss and confusion out of purchasing real estate in Thailand. You may have heard otherwise, but the fact is, buying property here is really quite simple, absolutely safe and uncomplicated, providing you engage experienced professionals.

Planning & Design Department
We specialize in working with buyers who have a desire to create their own custom designed home. Our staff is renowned for their ability to listen to the requirements of potential buyers. State of the art computer equipment allows us to produce a floor plan of your dream home within minutes, literally.

Our Managing Director, Michael Suttie, who has designed and drafted thousand of homes and condos in Pattaya during the past decade, personally oversees this department. Michael encourages all staff to involve him directly in creating and fulfilling customers plans and ideas.

Construction Department
Our development company has an unparalled reputation for producing homes and condominiums equal to and often surpassing the highest international standards. This is not an idle statement; it is a fact and you can actually inspect many examples of existing properties including display homes and condos.

The fellow principal of our parent company, Bruno Pingel, is responsible for our enviable reputation for outstanding quality in construction. After almost two decades in Pattaya, Bruno now leads and personally supervises a team of over 300 Thai construction workers. These include labours, skilled trades people, decorators, and landscapers. Nothing is to big or to small for our construction department.

Accounting & Administration Department
Last but certainly not least. Five years ago we found our business growing so rapidly it was not practical and certainly no longer convenient to engage outside accountants. We decided to recruit the best and most respected personell in the field of accounting and business administration. Painstakingly we built this service into what it is today, a vital and vibrant part of our company and the comprehensive services that we provide.

The Eastern Seaboard region and in particular Jomtien Beach is currently witnessing phenomenal growth and an unprecedented property and development boom.

It is a fact that there is no foreign owned company in the region providing a complete and thorough range of highly professional real estate, property development and associated services to the extent that our group is. And it is all in the one complex under the one roof. We are entitled to be proud of our reputation for providing genuine...

"One Stop Service"

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