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The Place - Koh Samui


These days' holidaymakers want to experience exotic locations while experiencing all the comforts of home.

The Place is committed to going all the way. Besides the beautiful beach the amenities and services offer all the luxuries of home living.

Tropical holidaying has grown into a fine art for the experienced jet-setting family. This one-time backpacker island has transformed quickly. Thatched roof huts have given way to luxurious villas. But the question begs, is it a resort or a home? Simply it's both.

The resort-home slumbering on a Samui beach epitomizes the new wave, something generated by demand from well-to-do holiday-makers. It's not a hotel, but you can rent it. It's not a private home, but you can live in it and enjoy all of the amenities of a private mansion.

Rental villas are enormously popular, a trend that is increasing. To satisfy the strong demand across the Asia-Pacific region developers are taking over hilltops and prime locations in Samui as never before. Hotels, in the first wave of mass tourism, have already swallowed up much of the prime beachfront land. Discerning travellers seeking villas are as much concerned with privacy, sunsets and access to lifestyle facilities as they are with sand at their front doorstep.

The Place on the west coast of Samui, offers all of these elements. It is a combination of million dollar beach villas, one, two and three bedroom villas all with private pools, complete with superior restaurant, spa, squash and tennis court. Bali, which was the first main stream destination in this part of the world for villa seekers, is believed to have over 1,000 villas and private houses available for rent. Although Samui cannot yet make similar claims it has certainly given birth to a new phenomenon within this growing market. The extremely popular concept of the "villa village" offers ready access to everything you need to enjoy a modern tropical lifestyle.

This new movement is focused on more privacy and exclusivity for well-travelled visitors who are expecting something beyond the standard beach hotel. The Mediterranean has seen the private villa concept flourish. Now Asia-Pacific is following quickly with offerings that are distinctly 5-star plus. In addition, this region offers a more exotic location, lifestyle plus privacy and friendly efficient service that Thailand is renowned for.

What Are We Selling?

We are not just selling villas! This development is far more than just a villa complex, we are creating and selling a "lifestyle". The Place will be an eclectic mix of million dollar beachfront homes, a bar, restaurant and spa. It will become the venue, a destination, a place to be seen and The Place to be.

By investing in a villa you will become part of this exclusive and exciting project. Only 46 owners will be fortunate enough to secure their own piece of paradise.

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